Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moving On

A few days ago I had to decide to leave my position at UCA's newspaper. It was a really tough decision, but I think it's the best one for me right now. The paper took up too much time and I was not able to partake in all the freshman things that I really feel like are a big part of college. It was also interfering with finding a church/campus ministry and my studies. So for my last assignment I went to our football game against UA-Pine Bluff at War Memorial. It was a good note to end on.

Don't be alarmed; I will still regularly take photos, but not for the newspaper.

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Shuperman said...

T.J., I hate hearing this, but I remember what that is like. I took a job working in the town's weekly newspaper's darkroom but I had to let it go for the same reasons.

Keep shooting, though, and keep me updated.