Thursday, April 24, 2008


So last week I went to this journalism conference called ASPA, Arkansas Scholastic Press Association if you must know. Anyways, me being the great sports photojournalist that I am, I had one of my photos up for an award. The Yearbook Sports Photograph. You can either get Honorable Mention, Excellent, or Superior, with Superior being the highest rating. I found out I got excellent and was pretty mad. Actually, really mad. But when they gave me my photo and their ratings and comments, the judges had actually circled Superior. So I may have gotten the highest award for this, and that would make me really happy. So here it is.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goat Farm

I went out to this place west of Fayetteville called Goat Farm. It was a few weeks ago, and absolutely freezing and hard winds. But I wanted to see if I could shoot rock climbing/bouldering well on my first try, and came up with this as my best. Elliot Grissom here, it trying to climb up to the top of this rock, about 15-18 feet up from the ground. It didn't happen though. As you can see, it's pretty much a flat piece of rock with no holds sticking out.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I did write something, but its under all of this.

So yesterday I went out to Pinnacle Country Club hoping to get some pictures for my senior photo portfolio. I thought they would just let me on, but I was wrong. I got up to the security gate, and told him what I was doing, flashed my press pass and everything. So he called the clubhouse and talked to like a hundred people. They finally let me up to the clubhouse to talk to the pro. So I'm thinking this is pretty ridiculous, being a golf fanatic and all I don't see the problem with me doing this. I get up there and tell him I am a member of every golf association I'm eligible for, I have worked on golf courses, played in the LPGA Pro-Am last year, and my uncle is a PGA certified pro. And on top of this, I am the number one sports photojournalist in the school and up for awards for my sports photography in the state. Finally this guy understands how awesome I am, and gives me a cart and the whole shebang. And good thing, because I took some of the best photos of my life there. I think these would compete with any Shupe photo from the course. Thats' right Shupe, I just did that.