Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh How I Miss Colorado

Oh how I miss Colorado.  I think this is definitely one of the top 5 pictures I have ever taken. I really really like it.  I was eating at this restaurant on top of the mountain and I looked outside and saw the snow cannons firing up.  They made a cool fog look so I took a picture of it.  Turns out, the mountains, the sun, the one person skiing, and the girl right in front of me made the picture look really awesome.  Its really cool and really frustrating to think that the pictures that you never expect to be good turn out to be the best ones.  And the ones you spend like forever trying to get just right end up sucking.

Razorback Baseball needs to start ASAP!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Sweet-Awesome Picture. And some insights

So I went to a track meet last Saturday to take some pictures, and after going through eighty-something crappy ones, i came across this one. I really like the sand in this one.  I don't know, it just has some kind of cool texture and pattern to it.  I really like taking pictures, but I just have a hard time being creative with my angles and whatnot.  But I guess the more I do this, the better I'll get.  But back to this picture.  Andy Shupe, the NWA Times photographer let me use his huge lens so I could get some of these sweet pictures.  He's one of the coolest guys I know, and I look up to him and respect him more than almost anyone.  He's a true, genuine person, and that's what I admire about him.  You should talk to him sometime.  It's worth speaking to a real person.

But on to my next subject of writing: college.  Its been stressing me out so much these last few months, but I finally think I found out where God wants me to go; or I really hope this is where He wants me at.  If its not, the next four years are gonna suck.  But I have decided to attend the University of Central Arkansas.  It's in Conway.  It's really cool and I can get a lot of money from them.  But to be honest, I'm terrified to leave Fayetteville.  Its the first town I've lived in for more than a couple years, and I don't want to leave.  I have awesome friends, and an even better church.  

Leaving my church will be the hardest for me.  Its the one place I can go to when my parents fail me (which happens too much), my friends fail me (which doesn't happen as much), or when I feel like I'm failing myself (a lot).  I was on one of the boards of directors for this new student ministries building that costs 8 million dollars, and now I don't even get to use it.  I'm pissed about that.  I'm mad I invested so much time into this, and now I don't get to use it even for one day.  I guess I'm being selfish, but I really don't care right now.  

I really hope I make some really good friends at UCA, because that's the one thing that scares me most.  I don't want to spend four years of my life mad that I didn't go to JBU or Arkansas, where I have friends I know attending.  I know a whole 3 people at UCA.  And I probably won't get to hang out with any of them.  And I'm really scared I won't find a church I love as much as Central.  I won't be able to deal with a small church.  I need a big church.  They just feel right for me.  I think God speaks to me through big groups, so a 50 person congregation won't cut it.  But I'm just gonna have to deal with it and let God handle this for me.  But its so hard to do.  

Starting Something New

I have seen other people with these types of blogs, and thought the idea was pretty cool.  So I decided to make one of my own.  Here I will tell the reader my innermost thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, all while showing him some of my sweet photography skills.  And maybe something about this Jesus guy everyone should know.  He's pretty awesome.

Please enjoy.