Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Twas A Busy Day

Thursday was a very busy day in the news world here in little Conway. I received a call early in the morning informing me that the UCA president, Lu Hardin was holding a meeting with the board and I NEEDED to be there. So I rolled out and got there to find out Hardin resigned as president stating his cancerous tumors behind one of his eyes were forcing him to resign. This was such a shame. Lu Hardin was the main reason I chose to attend Central Arkansas. So I'm at a crossroads now with this situation. He later addressed the faculty about his resigning. He has yet to address the students. I wish I could tell him that he is the reason I'm here and now he's leaving. Tom Courtway is taking over for the time being, and we'll see how that goes.

Also this same day was UCA's season opening football game against Henderson State. We stomped Henderson. Nathan Brown, the quarterback is expected to go to the NFL after this season. He is really quite impressive.

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Shuperman said...

Hardin's leaving was probably for the best, though, given all that has happened in the past few months.